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PAK1KD (recombinant human PAK1 kinase domain)

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K0104L 1 mg 1 mg/ml $7,240
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Human PAK1 kinase (UniProt: Q13153; NCBI: NM_002576) belongs to a family of p21-activated kinases. These serine/threonine kinases serve as targets for the small GTP binding proteins Cdc42 and Rac and have been implicated in a wide range of biological activities. PAK1 kinase regulates cell motility and morphology.

PAK1KD is a recombinant wild type human PAK1 kinase domain (amino acids 248–545 of full-length human PAK1) expressed in E. coli and purified to near homogeneity. PAK1KD does not have the inhibitory switch domain and has high specific activity.

Molecular Mass and Phosphorylation:
The calculated mass is 33,646. PAK1KD is fully phosphorylated at T423 and partially phosphorylated at additional sites with measured mass of 33,728 (1P), 33,808 (2P), 33,889 (3P), and 33,968 (4P).

Stability and Storage:
Stable at -70oC for 12 months from date of receipt. Protein should be thawed on ice. Protein can be flash-frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -70oC.

Enzymatic studies, inhibitor screen, and selectivity profiling
High concentration available for crystallization

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