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TurboBiotinylationTM Kit

Catalog #: Size: Concentration: Price:
B0114P 50X TurboBiotinylase (0.05 mg)
10X TurboBiotinylation Mix (1 ml)
2.5 mg/ml $300
B0114M 50X TurboBiotinylase (0.5 mg)
10X TurboBiotinylation Mix (1 ml)
2.5 mg/ml $1,800
B0114L 50X TurboBiotinylase (2.5 mg)
10X TurboBiotinylation Mix (5 ml)
2.5 mg/ml $6,000
T0114B Bulk 2.5 mg/ml Inquiry

To Order: Please email PO to or fax PO to 888-239-6490

Accelagen's TurboBiotinylationTM Kit is an enhanced biotinylation kit for in vitro biotinylation of biotin-accepting proteins and recombinant proteins with AviTagTM or other biotin-accepting peptides. Combining concentrated TurboBiotinylase and stable 10X TurboBiotinylation Mix, this kit offers high efficiency in vitro biotinylation from 4-37 oC.

It does not require any special buffer for its activity and is compatible with a wide range of buffers that are most suitable for target proteins. This kit works equally well across pH 5.5-10, between 0-1 M NaCl, and in 10% glycerol.

Protein Type:
biotin ligase

E. coli

Specific Activity:
TurboBiotinylase has a specific activity of >8,000 Units/µg.

One unit of TurboBiotinylase completely biotinylates 1 pmol of a substrate protein (23 kDa) at concentration of 1 mg/ml within 1 hour at 25 oC.

Storage and Handling:
TurboBiotinylation Kit is shipped with gel packs.

The kit retains its full activity after incubation at 25 oC for over a week.

All components of the kit can be stored at 4 oC for at least 6 months. For long term storage, store 50X TurboBiotinylase at -80 oC and 10X TurboBiotinylation Mix at 4 oC.

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