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TurboLigationTM Kit

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L0110S 100 reactions $177
L0110M 500 reactions $666
L0110B Bulk Inquiry

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Ligation Reaction:
  • Warm 5X TurboLigation Buffer to room temperature (22o-25oC) before setting up TurboLigation reactions.
  • Keep TurboLigase at -20oC.
  • Thaw competent cells (not included) on ice immediately before setting up TurboLigation reactions.
  • Always include a control reaction with vector only.

Set up ligation reaction in 10 µl

5X TurboLigation Buffer 2 µl
vector __ µl total vector and insert volume up to 7 µl
insert __ µl use ~1:3 molar ratio of vector to insert

adjust volume with water to 9 µl
TurboLigase 1 µl add TurboLigase last to increase efficiency

  • Mix gently and incubate at room temperature for 5 minutes. Incubation between 5 to 10 min gives the best result.
  • Chill the reaction on ice for 1 minute.
  • Use 1-3 µl of the ligation reaction for transformation of 20-50 µl competenet cells.

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