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Happy viruses have good expression

TurboBacTM Process

Accelagen has validated a proprietary process of recombinant baculovirus production and recombinant protein expression in insect cells. This streamlined process uses the latest technology of baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) and disposable bioreactors. Our TurboBac process offers parallel production and evaluation of multiple recombinant baculoviruses for protein expression. The automated system monitors the viral infection process and enables consistent high quality recombinant baculovirus production and protein expression in insect cells. TurboBac process minimizes the viral amplification and shortens the timeline to large scale production. We have routinely used P1 recombinant viruses for large scale expression of over 100 liters.

Many mammalian proteins are not easily expressed in E. coli in soluble form. Identifying the soluble expression conditions in E. coli or the refolding conditions is a great challenge. Baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) has proven to be an effective system to expression soluble functional mammalian proteins. Accelagen’s TurboBac process has eliminated many time consuming steps and provides a fast and cost-effective expression system for functional mammalian protein including GPCRs. The timeline of baculovirus expression is comparable to E. coli expression.

Accelagen has 100% success rate of generating high titer recombinant viruses. TurboBac process enables quick evaluation of protein expression of multiple constructs.

Baculovirus Expression Services

Accelagen provides a full suite of baculovirus expression services:

  • High-titer P1 recombinant baculovirus production in 2 weeks
  • Titerless Infected-cell Preservation and Scale-up (TIPS)
  • Preparation of Baculovirus infected insect cells (BIIC)
  • Quick optimization of expression condition
  • Large-scale expression of intracellular or secreted proteins in Wave Bioreactors and shaker flasks
  • High capacity recombinant baculovirus production to evaluate multiple constructs

When the high-titer virus is delivered, you know it expresses your protein.

When the pellets or media are delivered, you know they contain your protein.

For more information on how we can accelerate your baculovirus production and expression, contact us now.

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