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Services: E. coli Expression

Soluble protein, cool expression.

Low induction temperature is a proven method to improve soluble expression in E. coli. Accelagen has the capacity to quickly screen soluble expression conditions for multiple expression constructs. Our refrigerated shaker-incubators and high density culture system offer high capacity of E. coli expression.

  • Proprietary expression vectors for customized protein expression and purification.
  • SUMO-tag and various chaperones to improve protein solubility.
  • Routinely increased total or soluble protein expression by more than 10 fold using proprietary techniques
  • Isotope labeling

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Accelagen’s Protein Purification Services offers an option to refold and purify proteins from E. coli inclusion bodies.

Accelagen’s Baculovirus Expression and Mammalian Expression offer quick and cost-effective alternatives to express soluble functional recombinant protein.

Accelagen’s Molecular Biology Services enables optimal design of expression vectors to improve the soluble expression in E. coli and to simplify the downstream protein purifications using our Enzyme Toolbox. Together with Accelagen Protein Purification Services, we can be your partner of choice for gene-to-protein projects.

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