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Expression by experience

To many customers, Accelagen has shortened project timelines and reduced total cost of mammalian expression. Our scientists have extensive experiences in
  • production in CHO, 293, Expi293, ExpiCHO, hybridoma, and many other cell lines
  • production of secreted proteins, membrane proteins, and multi-subunit complexs
  • improving protein expression in Wave bioreactors and Cell Factory
  • production of functional GPCR and membrane proteins

Mammalian Culture Condition Optimization

Accelagen's TurboCell OptimizationTM investigates biological properties of each cell line (CHO, 293, Expi293, ExpiCHO, hybridoma etc) and systematically examines physical and biochemical parameters to achieve optimal culture conditions and improve protein yield. The optimized conditions are scalable from flasks to Wave bioreactors. The example shown in the figure demonstrates a 6-fold increase in monoclonal antibody production in hybridoma as the result of TurboCell OptimizationTM, in which the final antibody yield is increased from historical 50 mg/L to 300 mg/L.

For more information on how we can increase your mammalian expression capacity, contact us now.

Mammalian Expression Services

Accelagen provides a full suite of mammalian expression services:
  • large-scale mammalian expression in Wave Bioreactors
  • large-scale mammalian expression in Cell Factories
  • large-scale transient transfection in Wave Bioreactors
  • large-scale BacMam expression
  • cell culture and titer improvement

When the pellets or media are delivered, you know they contain your protein.

Accelagen can significantly improve mammaial expression

For more information on how we can increase your mammalian expression capacity, contact us now.

Related Services and Products

Accelagen’s Molecular Biology Services enables optimal design of expression constructs to simplify the downstream protein purifications. Together with Accelagen Protein Purification Services, we can be your partner of choice for gene-to-protein projects.

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