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Success is coded in DNA.

Accelagen provides consultation on construct design to increase protein expression and to increase the possibility of soluble expression or protein crystallization. As part of protein expression and purification services, Accelagen can manage the sourcing of constructs.

As part of Mammalian Expression services, Accelagen makes low endotoxin plasmid preps for large scale transfection.

Combined with the Protein Expression and Protein Purification services, Accelagen offers a comprehensive gene-to-protein platform. Accelagen has developed proprietary expression vectors for high level of protein expression and effective protein purification.

Gene accession numbers provide sufficient information for Accelagen to produce premium quality functional proteins. Our expanding product portfolio demonstrates our capacity to ‘turn’ accession numbers into functional proteins.

Accelagen has developed TurboLigationTM Kit for 5 minute quick ligation at room temperature.

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