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Every protein is unique. Every project is special.

Extensive Experiences

Accelagen’s protein experts have accumulated extensive working knowledge of purifying recombinant proteins for drug discovery in companies like Agouron (now Pfizer) and Tularik (now Amgen). They have made significant contributions to many Structure-Based Drug Discovery (SBDD) programs and published their works in Science and Cell.

Accelagen has established a track record of success in purification of recombinant proteins in all major classes of drug targets, antibodies, GPCRs, and therapeutic proteins. Using proteins Accelagen purified, our customers have determined high resolution co-crystal structures, cyro-EM structures, completed HTS campaigns, and animal studies. Our protein purification expertise is evident in the purification of recombinant protiens listed in our Product section.

State-of-the-Art Technologies

Our protein purification facility includes:

  • Multiple AKTA chromatography systems in temperature controlled environment
  • Dedicated systems for low endotoxin purification
  • Extensive selections of chromatography media
  • Flexible configuration of chromatography columns tailored to each purification
  • Vigorous QA/QC to ensure the highest quality and reproducibility

Accelagen provides comprehensive protein purification services for drug discovery and development. We specialize in purifying recombinant proteins for protein crystallography and low endotoxin proteins for pre-clinical studies and medical devices.

Accelagen has developed protocols to purify many hard-to-purify proteins that led to successful crystallization of these proteins. We have extensive experiences in purification of many families of proteins from cell pastes, media, or membranes.

Accelagen has routinely purified low endotoxin proteins and antibodies in gram quantity. We have developed protocols for large scale endotoxin removal and successfully purified low endotoxin proteins from E. coli.

For more information on how we can increase your protein purification capacity and improve your protein purification, contact us now.

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Accelagen Baculovirus Expression, Mammalian Expression, and E. coli Expression services can improve the expression level and make the protein purification easier.

Our proprietary Enzyme Toolbox (TurboTEVTM protease, Turbo3CTM protease, TurboNucleaseTM, TurboBiotinylation KitTM, TurboLigationTM Kit) streamlines the gene-to-protein process and reduces the cost of protein expression and purification.

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